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DCP Mastering/Packaging


DCP is an abbreviation for Digital Cinema Package. Put simply, a DCP is a collection of files that a cinema server knows how to read and play back. If you have content destined for the cinema, whether it be an advertisement, trailer or film, a DCP is the format it needs to be in for delivery.


DCP's have strict requirements in how they are created and for many film makers and post production facilities, it is a daunting task that they may not be set up for. Unravel specializes in DCP Mastering and is equipped to ensure that your content lands on the big screen just the way you intended it. There's also a few advantages to working with Unravel.


Straightforward Service:

We know it's easy to get bogged down in all the technical details which is why we make the process as simple as possible for you. This means knowing you have someone on hand that can answer any questions you have along the way. It's also why we accept delivery formats that many production agencies are familiar with such as ProRes and DNxHD.


Affordable Pricing:

We've worked hard to get our pricing to levels accessible by all. Where possible we aim to provide a flat-rate fee that is all inclusive so that you're not being charged for small extras the entire way through the process.


Complimentary 5.1 Audio Upmixing:

Only have a stereo audio mix? No problem, Unravel can upmix your audio to 5.1 surround sound at no additional cost. In a cinema environment, this helps place the dialogue and key effects behind the center of the screen rather than off to the left and right side channels.


Complimentary Audio Loudness Checks:

There are standards for how loud DCPs can be for advertisements and trailers. We make sure to check your volume levels and adjust them accordingly to ensure your content plays back at the correct level and doesn't get rejected for being too loud.


Preformatted Media:

All DCPs include online delivery free of charge, but if you need it we can also supply your DCP on media ready to load straight into a cinema server (for a small additional cost).



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