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All DCP conversions include online delivery. In many cases this can be the fastest way to deliver a DCP if you have another agency or company managing its distribution. However, in cases where a DCP is being delivered directly to a cinema, you will generally need to provide it on physical media that can be plugged into their gear.


USB Flash Drive











USB Flash drives are the most economical way to deliver DCP's that are shorter in length such as advertisements, trailers and short films. All drives are preformatted in the EXT3 format to ensure maximum compatibility with cinema servers. Pricing varies depending on the capacity required.


DX115 Carrier











The DX115 carrier is the industry standard way of delivering DCPs for feature films. Our carriers use Solid State Drives instead of the typical mechanical drives to ensure incredibly fast ingest times and increased durability in transit. All drives are preformatted in the EXT3 format to ensure complete compatibility with cinema servers worldwide. The carriers can be purchased outright or can be hired for short periods of time if required. Pricing available here.

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