DCP Mastering

Motion Graphics

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  NSW, 2320, Australia

tel: +61 (02) 7903 9640

mob: +61 411 350 829


Pricing is designed to be as straightforward as possible. DCPs billed within Australia include tax (GST), DCP's billed internationally have no tax applied.



Advertisement conversions are charged at one flat rate and include audio upmixing (stereo to 5.1 conversion) and online file delivery. DCP's can also be preloaded onto a USB flash drive if preferred for a small additional cost.






Trailers/Shorts/Feature Film

Conversions for theatrical content are broken down by their running times. All conversions include online delivery if required although typically most prefer to have these supplied on physical media due to the large file sizes. USB Flash drives can be used for short films and trailers. For long form feature film content we recommend using the industry standard DX115 carrier - these can be purchased outright or hired on a per week basis.














Physical Media + Postage

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